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Leadership Development

Leadership development comes in a variety of different forms.  From individual leadership coaching to coaching for your entire organization. Leadership coaches broaden perspectives, inspire creativity, and provide unparalleled reflective feedback. Leadership development coaching can help an individual leader hone their practice, teams refocus to accomplish a major project, or entire organizations maximize their full potential.
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Author Coaching

What makes a good coach?  A good coach can spend one-on-one time with you and instinctively understand where you are and where you want to go.  A great coach can assist you in planning and preparing a timeline of execution to make it happen.
Do you have a book that you want to publish? Our team of seasoned experts can help you! Our coaching is limited to a niche genre. If your content serves parents, educators, or leaders, submit your ideas as a preface or summary, and we will review your submission.
All our clients' names remain contractually confidential.
We will provide verbal feedback if you take the time to write it.
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Child and Adolescent Counseling

Raising a child is the most rewarding and difficult task in most people's lives.  The joy we have as parents is unmatched, and yet, there are times when we are completely stumped with how to respond to a situation with our child.  If you'd like to seek guidance and advice from our expert team, we are here to help.  Some of the topics parents come to us with are:

  • Difficulties with friendships
  • Unmotivated in school and other activities
  • Irregular sleep/eating habits
  • Disobedience and respect
  • Future planning for life after high school

You can expect to complete an intake form and then have a consultation with our child expert.  You may schedule up to 3 follow-up appointments if needed, however, this is not meant to be an ongoing counseling relationship.  If determined counseling is a good option for your family, you will be provided with referrals in your local area.  Learn more CONTACT FORM.


Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning has been a buzz word in education for many years now.  What parents should understand is that SEL is basically teaching your child to be a self-aware, kind, considerate, and emotionally regulated human being.  There are many ways to teach SEL in the classroom and at home.  If you are a teacher and would like to consult with an SEL expert on some classroom strategies and ideas, please reach out.  If you are a parent curious to know more about SEL and strategies for implementing at home, we can provide you with some recommended books, curriculum, and learning tools to increase your child's exposure to SEL and learning the five tenants from CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning): self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills.  Learn more CONTACT FORM.

Social Emotional Learning