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Children's Books

How to Be SUPER Human


How to be a Super Human

Written by Christian A. Dickinson & Morgan Champion-Dickinson
Illustrated by Lindsey Masterson

Parents have long desired to teach their children values to ensure they grow up to be hardworking, kind individuals who want to make the world a better place. How to be a Super Human gives parents the opportunity to join their child in this journey of learning our 7 Super Human traits while connecting them to fun animal facts to help them remember what they have learned.

By using animals as mnemonic devices, children can associate these concepts with fun facts about animals that really help the ideas stick. How to be a Super Human will quickly become a part of your family’s traditions and have a lasting impact on your child’s character development. As your child grows and their understanding of these values deepen, your conversations will be enriched with real-life experiences to associate with Super Human traits. 




Seize the day darcy front and back cover


Seize the Day Darcy

Written by Christian A. Dickinson
Illustrated by Lindsey Hopkins

Darcy is a 5-year-old girl who was born to "Seize the Day!"  She sees each sunrise as an opportunity to learn something new about the world around her.  From investigating her very own backyard to exploring the amazing sites around the world, Darcy's adventures are only limited by the 24-hours in a day.  Follow "Seize The Day Darcy" on her journeys while helping your child:

  • Develop primary reading skills
  • Build rich vocabulary with vivid imagery
  • Introduce values and character education

The Seize the Day Darcy © adventures are a series of books which collectively have all the 220 Dolch sight words children should practice and learn through second grade.  Sight words are non-phonetic words children acquire through rote memorization. Research shows the best way for children to learn sight words is to read along with a fluent reading partner.  All the sight words in this series are thoughtfully printed in bold so parents, educators, and kids can easily identify the words. With repetition, children can co-read these books with their parents and master all the Dolch sight words!

Brain research conclusively shows what we see eclipses all our other senses. In fact, we process imagery 60 thousand times faster than text. If you cannot visualize in your mind, it is impossible to form a long term memory.  One of the unintended positive outcomes of children who travel is their social studies standardized test scores are, in general, shockingly higher than children who are unable to travel.  Why? The visual memories of their experiences are stored in the brain in the form of synapses.  The synapses act as the "dot connectors" between neurons. The more synapses you have, the easier it is to "connect the dots."

The SEIZE THE DAY DARCY Values and Character Building Stories, capitalize on this concept.  Darcy learns about positive values and character traits in real-life situations.  Tying a lesson to a story is the ideal way to help a child make a lasting connection.  The conversations and questions that happen organically between the reader and the child, not only create a memory, it supports children in replicating these positive values and character traits in their own lives.






Belac and the power of 10 website


Belec and the Power of  10

Written by Christian A. Dickinson
Illustrated by Lindsay Hopkins

Explore the adventures of  Belac in our graphic novel trilogy, "Belac and the Power of 10".  Follow Belac deep into the rabbit hole as he finds himself in an alternative universe.  Learn about how family, friends, a birthday robotic dog , and his ferret with an electronic prosthetic leg,  integrate molecular biology, robotics, quantum physics, and engineering to solve the problem of getting him back home.