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About Us


Learning Engineered, Inc.

Learning Engineered, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation developing brain-based content, counseling, and consulting for children, parents, and leaders.

Our specialized publications and services focuses on pre-reading skills, character development in small children, social emotional learning, S.T.E.M., counseling, coaching, and leadership.

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Christian A. Dickinson

Christian A. Dickinson has over 20 years experience in leading and innovating PreK-12 public, private, and virtual education. His depth of knowledge in the art and brain science of both pedagogy and andragogy create the perfect blueprint for pioneering Learning Engineered, Inc.

Christian’ believes his best work is sharing How to Raise Better Humans along with the children’s book, How to be a Super Human so parents can have the tools to teach the next generation of children how to dream big, be brave, be kind, be gentle, work hard, be themselves, and how to love unconditionally. If we can instill these virtues in our children, we give them the foundation to change the world.

Christian serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer and contributes as an author.


Morgan Champion-Dickinson

Morgan Champion-Dickinson has almost 20 years experience in the fields of education and child development and has devoted her career to improving the lives of children. As a counselor, child advocate, and mom, Morgan’s expertise is woven through the pages of “How to Raise Better Humans” to ensure both parents and children benefit from the concepts to create a lasting impact for families.

Morgan serves as the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer and is one of our authors.


Lindsey Masterson

Lindsey Masterson is an award-winning designer and artist with over a decade of experience. She has devoted her career to making a positive impact through design and creative communication.

Lindsey has experience teaching art, graphic design and computer skills to children with neuro-diversities. As someone who was inspired by the arts as a kid, Lindsey understands the impact of visual communication on children’s development.