Learning Engineered designs and creates brain-based content for infants and early childhood development.  We publish internal and external articles and research on pedagogy (how children learn) and brain based research.

Baby Vision Development Cards

Optimal vision plays a crucial role in how infants and toddlers learn to see and process information. Babies are born without all the visual abilities they need for life. Babies learn to see by the intricate process of neurons in the occipital lobe of the brain maturing to create new synapses.   Continuous growth includes the ability to focus by coordinating and synchronizing eye movements.

Our research-based Baby Vision Development Cards are mindfully engineered for ages 0-6 months. The high contrast black and white cards stimulate the brain to purposely focus on the images and text to maximize visual development.

Color by Legend Coloring Books

We have taken illustrations from the pages of the Seize The Day Darcy books and transformed them into brain-stimulating coloring books.  We have mindfully created multiple legends for the artist to use.  Each coloring page legend uses numbers or shapes or symbols with the corresponding colors.  For beginners, we only list the colors of the rainbow, black, and white.  As children advance, they can experiment with the different shades of greens and try to match the original colors in the illustrations.
The methodology in the simple task of coloring is reconstructed into the fusion of art, math, and social studies. Children who complete our coloring book series will be on the path to mastering numbers 1-10, shapes, symbols, basic colors, advanced colors and using a legend effectively.