Reading Adventures Volumes 1-10

Darcy is a 5-year-old girl who was born to "Seize the Day!"  She sees each sunrise as an opportunity to learn something new about the world around her.  From investigating her very own backyard to exploring the amazing sites around the world, Darcy's adventures are only limited by the 24-hours in a day.  Follow "Seize The Day Darcy" on her journeys while helping your child:

  • Develop primary reading skills
  • Build rich vocabulary with vivid imagery
  • Introduce values and character education

The first ten (10) Seize the Day Darcy © adventures are a series of books which collectively have all the 220 Dolch sight words children should practice and learn through second grade.  Sight words are non-phonetic words children acquire through rote memorization. Research shows the best way for children to learn sight words is to read along with a fluent reading partner.  All the sight words in this series are thoughtfully printed in bold so parents, educators, and kids can easily identify the words. With repetition, children can co-read these books with their parents and master all the Dolch sight words!

Meet Darcy

In Seize the Day Darcy's very first book, Meet Darcy, we learn about Darcy, her family, and her pets.  We are also introduced to her working farm where many of Darcy's adventures take place.

Saturday Mornings

In this adventure, we learn how Darcy and her family employ teamwork to do the chores around their house.  We see how instilling personal responsibility at a young age begins in the home.  If you intend to include your child in chores, this may be a great place to begin.

Darcy’s Farm

In this adventure, we explore all the animals on Darcy's farm.  We see Darcy learning how each of the animals has individual needs that are tended to on a daily basis. If you love the idea of farm life, this adventure may be a favorite.

Darcy’s Walk in the Park

In this adventure, we meet Darcy grandmother, Grams.  Their outing takes Darcy in a city park filled with so many fun things to do and see.  From feeding the ducks to flying a kite, this adventure is sure to be a favorite of Darcy's.

Darcy Meets a Zookeeper

In this adventure, Darcy walks with a Zookeeper in a behind the scenes look at a large zoo. We see Darcy learning about the different habitats and food requirements for many of the animals. If you or your children love animals, this adventure may be your favorite.

Darcy’s Kaleidoscope

In this adventure, we find Darcy discovering the magical colors of a kaleidoscope. We see Darcy learning about how mixing colors together can make new and exciting colors. If you love art, this adventure may open your eyes to a new world of creative possibilities for you and your child.

Darcy’s Favorite Number

In this adventure, we sum up Darcy learning about the numbers 1-10 & 20, 30...100. We see Darcy discovering the different attributes of these numbers. In the end, Darcy picks a surprisingly favorite number and explains why. If you like numbers, you can count on wanting to add this adventure to your collection.

Darcy’s Search for Shapes

In this adventure, we find Darcy learning about shapes. A trip with her mom to the store turns into a treasure hunt for shapes. If you are looking for a different perspective to teach shapes, this adventure has all the sides covered.

Darcy goes Grocery Shopping

In this adventure, we follow Darcy grocery shopping with her mom. Darcy has her own basket to push along with her mom and we find Darcy shopping off a list, just like her mom.  If you prefer to shop with purpose, this adventure may be a check on your list.

Darcy Goes on Vacation

In the "final sight word" series adventure, Darcy goes on vacation with her family to the beach.  Darcy meets a marine biologist, also on vacation, who teaches Darcy and her family about all the wondrous oceanic life around them.  If you love the ocean or the creatures that live in or off the ocean, this may be your favorite adventure.

Meet Darcy Back Cover

Values and Character Building Stories

Brain research conclusively shows what we see eclipses all our other senses. In fact, we process imagery 60 thousand times faster than text. If you cannot visualize in your mind, it is impossible to form a long term memory.  One of the unintended positive outcomes of children who travel is their social studies standardized test scores are, in general, shockingly higher than children who are unable to travel.  Why? The visual memories of their experiences are stored in the brain in the form of synapses.  The synapses act as the "dot connectors" between neurons. The more synapses you have, the easier it is to "connect the dots."

The SEIZE THE DAY DARCY Values and Character Building Stories, capitalize on this concept.  Darcy learns about positive values and character traits in real-life situations.  Tieing a lesson to a story is the ideal way to help a child make a lasting connection.  The conversations and questions that happen organically between the reader and the child, not only create a memory, it supports children in replicating these positive values and character traits in their own lives.


Darcy Saves Christmas

In this adventure, Darcy's family starts a new Christmas tradition by inviting the local children's home to their farm for a Christmas Eve celebration. The planning required many weeks of preparation and hard work.  The unexpected Christmas surprise, in the end, makes it all worth it.  This heartwarming story may forever change how you and your children perceive on Christmas.


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